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Favorite Links


Here's a list of Favorite Places of mine.  This list will be continually updated, so check back often.   Also, since these links take you somewhere else in cyberspace, I must include the following disclaimer-please read-otherwise, it's your call!  I will never intentionally include any link to any site that I have personally not visited.  Also, no links to any pornography  or sites containing any sort of offensive material.

By clicking on the links on this page, you are leaving my site. (except for the Langa list)  I cannot be held responsible for anything outside my pages.
Also, just 'FYI'-This is not a commercial site.  I make no money for the links posted here.  These are simply super neat sites  that I use personally and are recommended by me for you to check out.

Searching for your family roots?  Try one of the best sites on the web for a complete listing of everywhere to look:

Or, if you really want to get serious about your ancestry, go here:

Get your DNA test by the best! It has helped me immensely in my forever on-going search!

Whilst on this subject-a short time ago, It was discovered that I have a very close relative in Australia, James Fleming.  We are a 100% match!  This means that we have a common ancestor.  I have no records of anyone in my tree that emigrated to 'down under', but James and I are in the process of finding out.  I love a mystery!  Anyway, check out James' site (very well done, I might add!)

Fleming DNA

Check with them (Relative Genetics) on existing surname projects.
(If you have the surname 'Fleming', join the Fleming Project immediately, or you may be dragged off to a peat bog in the middle of the night by a very large & nasty water horse!!)

If you are planning a trip to Scotland and want to just fly there, rent a car and 'do your own thing'- consider using a 'self-contained' setting.  These are much less expensive than either a 'bed & breakfast' or especially staying in motels.  Eating out in the UK is very expensive, as is just getting a room for the night. So, why not rent your own cottage and do your own cooking?.  Have a 'central' home away from home, where you can make day trips from, etc.
Please check out our friend Richard Blair's  site, (hey, this is a tip from "The Foz" and not a 'Sell' thingee.  I recommend this place, cause we have stayed there.)

Want to keep up on the latest in puter technology? Try Fred Langa's site.  Sign up for his newsletter (weekly).  Lot's of good stuff here.

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